English for Diplomats

English Language Training for diplomats, staff and their families

English is increasingly the international language of diplomacy.  During the past few years English for Diplomats has continued to develop its language support services for the diplomatic missions with embassies and consulates in Athens, Greece, and beyond.  We are pleased to have worked with Ambassadors, diplomats, MFA staff, and their partners and families.  From some of the largest embassies and consulates in Athens, to some of the smaller missions in Greece.  We are pleased to provide a comprehensive service to meet the individual needs of each client.  For details of our Online English Teaching, please select Online English.

This very specialist work requires specific skills and knowledge, both for the diplomats themselves and the English advisers who work alongside them. We offer our English for Diplomats services in the strictest of confidence to Ambassadors, Embassies, Consulates, diplomats and their staff and families.  These services include: 

Diplomatic English - language training for Ambassadors, Consul-Generals, diplomats, MFA staff and families

Business English - essential English skills and communication for diplomatic staff in business and commerce

Online English - improve your English skills from your office or home by Skype or other audio/video platforms

Secretarial English - skills for office and support staff - from phone calls techniques to written correspondence 

Marketing English - how best to promote and represent your country, its commerce, culture and tourism  

Public speaking - effective oral communication - formal speeches, preparation and pronunciation skills

Website editing - effective and accurate presentation of English versions of your local website

Proofreading - proofreading of English texts for accuracy, grammar, style and register, for all your English communications 

Some of our advisory services are free of charge and we are pleased to hear from diplomats or representatives from any country or mission.  From the answering of simple everyday problems in the correct use of English, through to formal English language tuition, speech-writing, the language of diplomacy & negotiation, presentations, and public speaking.  We will always be pleased to hear from diplomatic staff.

We also offer training programmes to assist in the development of English to increase ability and skill levels from:

Basic > Functional > Operative > Professional > Expert  

If you think we may be able to help you or your colleagues in your work, please do contact us - we will be very pleased to hear from you.

Call: (+30) 6940 878106 - or leave your details on our Contact page

Or email: englishfordiplomats@athens.vc