English for Diplomats can support you and your staff mission when using English as the language of communication
in speeches, presentations and the promotion of your country.
We advise on all areas of public speaking, including:

  • Researching your topic – what to include, and what to avoid

  • How to craft an introduction to set the context to ensure the audience is ready to go

  • The logical organization of thoughts, facts, and statistics and how to remember them

  • The use of notes, or scripts – to use key points or written texts

  • The use of metaphors, phrases and expressions to enhance and bring life to your speech

  • How to design a strong opening and an even stronger close

  • The use of appropriate humour, story-telling and the importance of ‘timing’

  • How to improve your skills by learning to vary vocal pace, tone, and volume

  • The use of gestures to complement your words for added impact and reinforcement

  • The effective use of space and movement on your speaking platform

  • The appropriate use of visual aids, whether images projected onto screens, or physical objects, to demonstrate, illustrate and emphasize key points

  • Analyze your audience – deliver the message they want, or need, to hear

  • How to connect with the eyes of your listeners, not just their ears, and how to establish a ‘personal’ relationship with each member of your audience

  • The use of questions in your speech to help your audience think deeply about key points and concepts

  • How to keep within time limits – saying all you have and wish to say in the time allowed

  • How to develop and exhibit confidence, poise and control

  • How to practise, and receive constructive feedback, before the event, to develop fluency and clarity of your message

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