Website design and development

At the forefront of our organisation's activities is the creation and development of websites on behalf of clients.  From the organisation of domain name procurement and domain hosting, to the development of new websites, English for Diplomats provides an initial set-up service as well as continuing management systems.  English for Diplomats has much experience in creating and developing English Language versions of non-English websites, search engine optimization and, most importantly, providing a dynamic and marketing focus to clients websites to increase traffic, enhance your company's profile and 'grow' your business.

From the most basic to the most advanced web construction programs, English for Diplomats can offer its experience in multi-language site development to maximize the use of your web space so that it becomes an efficient and productive means of reaching your target audience.

Our organization provides experience in dealing in multi-language sites.

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Website editing, Marketing, Promotions and Information Communication Technology

In addition to the educational and training services offered by ETA for businesses, executives and professionals, we also provide additional services related to the successful management and functioning of companies.  With a wealth of business experience in a variety of commercial sectors we offer the following services:

    • English version of non-English websites
    • Translation services: English/anotherlanguage/English
    • Marketing and promotional materials in English
    • Database construction and development for use with e-marketing strategies
    • Website design and restructuring

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