Editing of texts - Proofreading - Web Site editing

In addition to other more formal arrangements with clients for learning programmes and advisory services we are also available for ad hoc proofreading and text editing.

Whether your needs are texts for letters, email campaigns or simple responses to correspondence in English, we offer a rapid proofreading, editing service and composition service on an ad hoc basis.  We offer proofreading and editing on longer texts and can provide assistance on technical writing and manuscripts.  As ever, our service is completely private and confidential and you retain full copyright on any final texts we may provide.

For web site editing, please request further details.

If your needs are urgent please call or text (+30) 6940 878106 with details of your requirements and any deadlines you may have.  We pride ourselves in our flexibility and fast turn-around of such projects.  Alternatively, you can submit brief details through our contact page or email your request directly to eta@athens.vc

Call: (+30) 6940 878106 - or leave your details on our Contact page

Or email: englishfordiplomats@athens.vc